Evaluating the State of the Information Management Practice
Tori Miller Liu

By: Tori Miller Liu on March 29th, 2024

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Evaluating the State of the Information Management Practice

Intelligent Information Management (IIM)

​We are launching a newly redesigned survey this month, which explores the state of the information management practice. Here's some background on this new survey and how you can participate in this important research. 

The State of Information

To understand why AIIM wants to evaluate the current state of information management practice, it's important to understand the dramatic changes to information itself. We have seen significant growth in unstructured data and an increasing need for high quality unstructured data

When generative AI went viral in 2022, it was the answer to an already growing problem – exponential data growth. Some research estimates that at least 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created every day. Futurist Bernard Marr estimates that 90% of that data is unstructured data. Last year, Microsoft's data supported Marr's finding when it said over 2 billion files are added to its SharePoint, One Drive, and Teams systems every single day.

Now, in addition to needing unstructured data for better decision making and operational efficiency, organizations also need access to high-quality unstructured data to leverage generative AI. Unstructured data provides the source material that GenAI can transform


Practice vs. Profession

​Information management as a practice will become a required skillset for most knowledge workers in the age of AI. 

As a result, the practice of information management will expand. More and more professionals like you need information to succeed at your jobs. ​At AIIM, we are even shifting our language to be more inclusive and recognize that the practice of information management is no longer limited to a select few information managers. We all need information management to thrive at work. 


New AIIM State of the Information Management Practice Survey

Every year, AIIM conducts industry research to examine the impact of information management on organizations, decision making, and better business outcomes. Our next project will be a research study about information and data management practices. This data will help us better understand the diversity and careers of information and data management professionals and those who practice information and data management in organizations. In turn, this will help AIIM curate programming and better serve our community. 

This important research will help us:

  1. Benchmark how practitioners and leaders store, organize, find, and use information in their daily work
  2. Uncover the obstacles to AI use and the significance of those obstacles
  3. Explore the tools practitioners and organizations are using to better manage information
  4. Explore how organizations are prioritizing and thinking about information management to better understand the
    impact on information management practitioners and their work.
  5. Assess the state of information management as a career

I hope you will participate in this landmark research. The survey takes 20-25 minutes to complete and your responses will remain confidential and anonymous. All survey participants will receive a complimentary copy of our research report. All survey responses are due by May 13, 2024. Complete the State of the Information Management Practice Survey


DAMA International Collaborating with AIIM on State of the Practice Survey

We are pleased to share that DAMA International is collaborating with AIIM on the 2024 “State of the Information Practice Survey.” DAMA International represents the global data management community. DAMA’s contribution will help us examine both the state of data management and information management. The survey is designed to benchmark how practitioners and leaders store, organize, find, and use data in their daily work and explore how organizations are prioritizing and thinking about information management.


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About Tori Miller Liu

Tori Miller Liu, MBA, FASAE, CAE, CIP is the President & CEO of the Association for Intelligent Information Management. She is an experienced association executive, technology leader, speaker, and facilitator. Previously, she served as the Chief Information Officer of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and has 16+ years of experience in association management. Tori is a former member of the ASAE Technology Professional Advisory Council and a founding Board Member of Association Women Technology Champions. She was named a 2020 Association Trends Young & Aspiring Professional and 2021 Association Forum Forty under 40 award recipient. She is also an alumna of the ASAE NextGen program. She is a Certified Association Executive and holds an MBA from George Washington University. In 2023, Tori was named as a Fellow of the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE).