Having Trouble Finding the Right Information Quickly?
Kate Dalton-Hoffman

By: Kate Dalton-Hoffman on October 14th, 2018

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Having Trouble Finding the Right Information Quickly?

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Finding the right information quickly is an imperative function for all organizations, yet 75% of AIIM respondents said this is a challenge for them at work. One main cause is the overwhelming amount of costly legacy information systems and technologies that are difficult to modernize or connect to one another to make useful. Sound familiar?

AIIM recently hosted a webinar featuring Martyn Christian, CEO and Founder of UNDERSTND Group on this very topic. On the webinar, Martyn demonstrates how a new approach to information management modernization -- using a content services platform -- can help you:

  • Connect systems to unify your information
  • Leverage existing IT investments
  • Remove information silos
  • Streamline processes and information access
  • Strategically consolidate, without impacting end-users

We welcome you to view the webinar here:

Stop wasting your time, and let us help you organize your data and continue your digital transformation.


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