Why You Should Think about a Mobile First Strategy
Atle Skjekkeland

By: Atle Skjekkeland on February 6th, 2017

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Why You Should Think about a Mobile First Strategy


Smartphones are now everywhere. It is estimated that 4.2 Billion people have a toothbrush, but 5.1 Billion people have a mobile phone subscription. They are always on, always improving, and always connected to the internet and to the cloud (unless you are an AT&T customer…)

Does anybody remember WordPerfect? They went from being a market leader to almost irrelevant in 2 years when the platform changed from DOS to Windows. When the platform changes, the leaders change. 

My friend George Parapadakis from Alfresco created the below chart to explain how mobile is your new reality. You can read more about this on his blog. 

the evolution of mobile technology

Let me give you a few examples of how mobile can create a new reality and disrupt markets:

  • Apple’s iBeacon and QualComm’s Gimbal Beacon allows you to track mobile customers down to 2 feet using low-energy Bluetooth. Price is $5 per beacon – supported by Android and Apple iOS7+. Use this to communicate offers, provide information, accept payment.
  • FDA has now approved new chip-embedded pills. The smart pills report back to a sensor and your smartphone when meds have been ingested. FDA has also approved the first pill with a camera. Doctors can use this to see your insides – I just don’t hope it won’t come with a share on Facebook feature.
  • The new ZigBee wireless control standard allows manufacturers to embed small, cheap, low-power digital radios into their products. Use this for lighting controls, fitness monitoring, door locks, manage assets, TV controls, irrigation, toys and games, and many more…
  • You will soon be able to schedule a mobile assessment by a doctor for only $10. US general practitioners make, on average, $186,000 per year, while Indian GP’s earn $5,260. New apps will allow you to schedule an online appointment to review your online medical record, get an assessment via mobile video call. And the best part: No waiting!

How Will the Proliferation of Mobile Impact How You Process Customer Information

With mobile clearly on the rise, how should your organization respond? Forrester recommends that you start by looking for “Mobile Moments”, - that’s when customers take out their phone to find an answer to get advice. You need to own this moment for your customers. I recently covered this topic in greater detail during a recent AIIM webinar. You can check the replay out here. I'll show you how you can prepare for this platform change and position yourself to become a leader!


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