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10 Things You Need to Take Process Improvement to the Next Level

Sep 14, 2017 11:26:03 AM by John Mancini

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Businesses have come to realize the importance of analyzing their processes as the key to progression. According to recent AIIM research, by embracing BPM practices, one-third of organizations have decreased their review and approval cycles, over 60% have improved routing to and between individuals, and 42% have experienced greater organizational agility and routing between processes.  

Here are 10 more things you need to know about process improvement.

  1. 79% of organizations say that BPM is significant (45%) or imperative (34%) for the success of their business.
  2. 96% of organizations agree that BPM is a systematic approach to improving business processes.
  3. 63% say change management is an essential part of BPM.
  4. Only 28% of organizations say they are “above average” in automating AP/
  5. 81% of organizations say there is a clear owner for financial process improvement.
  6. 77% of organizations say their BPM initiatives are top-down driven.
  7. 57% of organizations feel that the use of business intelligence and analytics for operational insights improves customer insight and engagement.
  8. Only 6% of organizations see themselves as “above average” in using AI and machine learning to improve automation
  9. Only 16% of organizations see themselves as “above average” in managing multi-channel inbound content.
  10. 56% of organizations believe their greatest value from process improvement and automation comes from the ability to process critical activities faster with forty-seven percent reporting a reduction in errors and exceptions.

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