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Susan Sherrouse AIIM18 Speaker Interview

Jan 5, 2018 11:47:00 AM by Janna Issette

Here’s your chance to get to know our AIIM18 speakers a little better before you get to San Antonio and see them live.  We can’t wait to see you April 11-13th. 


Susan Sherrouse


LinkedIn Profile 

Job Title
Principal Project Information Manager


Please provide one or two points that you will mention during your session.      
Technology (in relation to IM) can hurt and help

The onslaught of information is burying us - we need to learn how to dig out - and mine the gold - more effectively!

Where do you see the information management industry in 5 years? What do you see as the next big impact?   
There's been lots of buzz and talk about "integrating information". Now - with the maturing of a new tech saavy generation, and the advent and proliferation of apps - (everyone has a smart phone) - we have to also recognize and address the real risk of data breaches. We've gone through an age of innocence - internet was free, all people were perceived as "nice", and data was loose and wild. Now we have to get serious about the risks/benefits of collaboration/integration versus dumb use of data or malicious users.

What questions are you asked the most by your colleagues?          
It seems like instead of discussing data and information management, people tend to want to discuss the "how do I" in everything from I-phones to Excel. People love their gadgets, but does technology solve all business problems? I contend that it is a constant education process to differentiate Information Professionals from Information TECHNOLOGY Professionals. I believe that the CIP certification can promote the reality that what we excel at is managing INFORMATION. We, as practitioners, use technology simply as a tool to manage the onslaught of information.

What are three things you’ve told yourself that kept you going during your darkest hour?     
At the end of the day, would I be able to answer to God that I did the best I could do? Did I make a positive difference toward either individual (including colleagues) or corporate improvement? Did I learn and teach and SHARE INFORMATION as appropriate?

Would you quit your job if you won the lottery, even if you loved your current position?  I don't have enough INFORMATION to make that business decision. It depends on the size of the jackpot!

What makes you excited about Mondays?
Nothing. At all.          

Who has been your mentor in your working life, and what did they do/say that had the biggest impact on your reasoning?
Early in my career I had a manager catch me at my desk after the end of the business day. I was diligently working away on the next day's tasks. She advised me to STOP IT. She explained that instead of benefiting the organization, I was setting an unreasonable expectation of what could be achieved in a 40 hour week. She further explained that this would impact future project baselines and schedules. I walked away with an A HA passion about setting and meeting expectations. Say what you are going to do - within professional parameters - time - quality- cost. Then, balance that three legged stool to meet expectations. or change one or more of the legs!

What do you do for fun?   
I am a serious quilter. I piece quilts. I also have a long arm quilting machine and actually quilt for myself and others as a hobby. I've taken quite a few vintage quilts out of attics, quilted them, and they are now in use daily and loved - versus rotting away. For a side job and future (post retirement) career I also teach quilting techniques and classes. Long arm quilting machines are often computerized, but the end user does not regularly have a computer background. This hobby marries my passion for technology with the creative side of my soul.



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