AIIM19 session preview - Absolute Intelligence: Taking the Artificial Out of AI
Kevin Craine

By: Kevin Craine on February 25th, 2019

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AIIM19 session preview - Absolute Intelligence: Taking the Artificial Out of AI

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AIIM19 is only a short time away and information management professionals from around the world will converge in San Diego for three days of sessions, sharing and fun. But what can you expect this year? In this continuing series of AIIM19 session previews we get a taste of what’s to come.

I spoke recently with Angela Watt about her session, co-hosted with Emily Speight, titled “Absolute Intelligence: Taking the Artificial out of AI,” and I asked her to briefly summarize the topics.

Angela, everyone is talking about AI, but the challenge seems to be to adopt AI in ways that make a real world difference. Is that what your session is about?

Digital transformation projects are crucial in today’s digital environment, but the question is: are information professionals preparing staff to embrace the new work environment? With many corporations and governments moving into digital transformation, the human element frequently is not taken into account - let alone making implementation fun! How can you plan for process and technology, without taking into account the impact to the people? That’s what we’ll be discussing in San Diego.

AI brings about a ton of change in the way things are done every day. How can folks prepare for that change?

The successful implementation of a change in business, whether it be automating a process, putting in a structure, or bringing in a software solution, requires a plan that includes change management and process assessment. A clear plan that identifies who stakeholders are, how they will be impacted, and what they can expect the solution to provide allows end users to personalize the outcome.

What do you mean by “Taking the Artificial out of AI?”

At AIIM19 in San Diego we will guide participants through the process to plan an intelligent information management project with real world examples of successes and lessons learned. In it we will discuss how IM projects can be stopped dead in the water if you don’t get the buy-in you need to proceed.

See this session and more live at The AIIM Conference 2019 -  March 26th-28th 2019

What are some best practices to consider?

We will discuss how conducting an assessment of the people who will be impacted as well as the processes you are trying to change will provide insight to allow a deep understanding of the people you are helping as well as the processes that actually need to be updated.

Who will benefit from attending your session?

Software solution providers will gain insight on what questions aren’t typically asked, but could help elevate their solution to potential clients. IM professionals will discover new ways to find out what their users are actually trying to achieve in their transformation story.

You talk about the idea of “Absolute Intelligence,” what does that mean?

In order to become absolutely intelligent we must see the whole picture instead of just the things that sparkle, or the pressure points that people may feel. We look forward to weaving a story of integrating people and processes into a holistic plan that wants to implement a transformation project...even if it is simply cleaning up trashy data before a solution is implemented. The intention of this presentation is to be interactive, and we will be inviting guests to radically participate with our presentation.

Don’t miss the session “Absolute Intelligence: Taking the Artificial out of AI” with Angela and Emily being held Wednesday March 27 at 4:10PM – 4:55PM. And don’t miss out the Women in Information Management talk shortly after. You can plan your time at AIIM19 here.

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