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Jamie Grant

Jamie is an IT & Website Administrator for Acuity Training ( - a UK-based company providing training on MS Project and project management.

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Business Process Management (BPM)

The Servant Leader, Team Doctor, Technically-Comfortable Agile Project Manager

“Ideas are a commodity. Execution of them is not”-Michael Dell.

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The Connected, Inspired, Hands-on Project Sponsor – Leading the Digital Charge

Following on from our previous article where we identified how digital disruption is breeding new roles in the project and business landscape. We are now going to focus on the hands-on Digital Project Sponsor.

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14 Steps to a Successful ECM Implementation

Making an ECM implementation successful requires planning and attention to detail. The best way to create the right solution is to identify organizational goals and priorities. Learn how to manage a successful implementation in our free guide.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)  |  machine learning

The Emergence of the Elusive Digital Unicorn — How Digital Disruption is breeding new roles within the project and business landscape, are you ready for it?

Disruptive Technologies are changing existing landscapes Technology has had a profound impact on the business world. Simply walk into any business, no matter the size, and you will see the prolific adoption of technology. Digital project boards, virtual teams scattered across the globe; are all indicators of business reliance on this “fourth industrial revolution.” From industry data and anecdotal evidence, this tech utilization is on an exponential increase.

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