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Kevin Shuler

Kevin Shuler is the CEO of Quandary Consulting Group (, a team of tech consultants that specialize in business process management. They use integrations and automations to help businesses scale as they grow, giving them more time to focus on what matters most.

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How to Automate Business Processes On a Budget

Why Business Automation Matters Business process management is an essential part of a growing business. Without it, organizations could face low customer satisfaction, lack of communication, and a higher chance of error. By letting computers take care of menial, repetitive day-to-day tasks, automation can save businesses money and time. Without the human component in handling data, there is a lower chance of error. And with the reduced hours of labor, employees can concentrate on delivering more important and fulfilling tasks. Workflow efficiency through automation can generate more revenue while decreasing expenditures, giving businesses stability, and saving them money. The most important benefit of business workflow management is the increase in customer satisfaction. The time saved through automation can be invested in improving their experience. Faster task completions, more attentive staff, and greater resources are always appreciated by customers. Higher revenues and faster business growth can be achieved through automation.

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