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Neale Stidolph

Neale has worked in oil & gas for over 25 years and specialises in information management, overseeing managed services to owner-operators through all phases of the asset lifecycle. He held an additional post for over three years as a director of AIIM International, is a member of the OGUK IM Forum, and also works closely with RGU.

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Big Data  |  Oil and Gas

Oil & Gas: The Move from Documents to Data

People often seem to think oil & gas companies are leading-edge and have enough money to invest in whatever systems they like and that they live in a World of 3D models, data, and analytics. The real picture is often very different. Exploration and production companies, who search for and extract hydrocarbons, see information systems and information management as something necessary but not something that excites the interest of the board. Data is certainly much in evidence, but information overall is not treated as ‘the new oil’ by the industry. Much of the focus on data is within the geoscience discipline, from the creation of seismic surveys to reservoir modeling and interpretation. The techniques have changed a bit, but mostly we see increases in resolution, frequency, and speed of analysis. This clearly improves the odds of making a discovery and reduces the financial risks of drilling.

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