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How To Estimate Your Document Automation Potential

Understanding the Key Factors that Affect How Much Document Automation You Can Achieve When the word “automation” is brought up in a conversation, most people think of something that is completely handed over to machines. And that scenario can be true if the tasks involve very straightforward, highly repetitive work with little variance. Think of processes like provisioning an email account for a new employee and you’ll get the idea. When it comes to automation of document tasks, while it is relatively easy to convert paper into images or to make resulting images of documents searchable, it is quite another thing to take unstructured document-based information and comprehensibly convert it into highly reliable, structured, and usable data. All of a sudden, aspects of a project or organization’s requirements that appear to be very straightforward begin to take on more ambiguity when it comes to assessing just how much automation can be achieved.

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