Mapping AI Readiness Content at AIIM Conference 2024
Tori Miller Liu

By: Tori Miller Liu on February 9th, 2024

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Mapping AI Readiness Content at AIIM Conference 2024

AIIM Conference  |  Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is a key focus of AIIM's new strategy, which the AIIM Board of Directors debuted in January 2024. So it's only fitting that AI take the lead at the AIIM Conference 2024 in San Antonio, Texas, April 3-5. 

As a former CIO and a fan of new, innovative tech, I wanted to map out AI-related sessions against a high-level roadmap for AI readiness. My goal was to see how I and other #AIIM24 participants could gain the knowledge and insights to better prepare our organizations and information management programs for AI.

AI Readiness Roadmap 

First, here's a high-level look at areas for consideration when preparing your organization for AI. The steps are:

  1. Scan and Plan - Take some time to learn about the macro and micro trends in AI. Develop an agile strategy.
  2. Collect Case Studies - Seek real-world case studies (if available) so you can learn from other’s successes and mistakes.
  3. Prepare Data - Assess, document, and enhance the management and quality of your data. This is the lifeblood of AI engines.
  4. Prepare People - Skilled staff, strong processes, and good governance are essential for successful AI implementation. Train your team and foster innovation.
  5. Experiment - Experiment with AI by iteratively building and improving solutions. Note: I much prefer using the term "experiment" in favor of "implement" because AI projects should be approached as learning exercises. 
  6. Iterate - Seek feedback and regularly gauge performance. Then, work to iteratively improve your product. 


AI Education Featured at AIIM Conference 2024

Next, I wanted to map educational sessions featured at the AIIM Conference 2024 against my roadmap. Our program at #AIIM24 is still evolving with more sessions being added daily, but here's my take on AI sessions at #AIIM24. These are also the sessions that mention AI. The reality is AI is permeating information management in a deeply transformative way. I will bet that most speakers will reference or incorporate AI into their sessions. It will be interesting to see what percentage of speakers address AI in our final program. My guess is the percentage will be quite high. 

Scan & Plan

These sessions examine the relationship between information management and AI, using a macro lens. I plan on using these sessions to from and reevaluate my AI strategy. 

  • Fusing Frontiers: The Convergence of Data and Information in the Digital Age - In this thought-provoking keynote, Dr. Peter Aiken, the President of DAMA International, will address the impact of AI on data management and discuss the intersection of data management and information management. 
  • Great AI Needs Great Information Management! - Discover why robust information management programs, based on sound governance principles, are vital for supercharging your GenAI investments in this keynote from OpenText's Alison Clarke.
  • The Future of Information Management in the Age of AI - Join a panel of industry visionaries as they explore what information management will look like in 2027, 2033, and beyond. 

Collect Case Studies

  • Unleash Employee Creativity with Knowledge Work AutomationLearn how Generative Artificial Intelligence can enable knowledge workers to work smarter in this keynote from M-Files. 
  • Using AI to Improve Processes - AIIM Fellow Dan Elam will share real-world tips and cover the major areas where AI is already influencing information management in both positive and negative ways and provide a roadmap of what areas are just emerging for process improvement.

Prepare Data & People

Note: Preparedness ends up being a combined bucket when looking at the sessions. This makes sense to me since typically people, processes, and technology are inseparable and interrelated. 

  • AI in Practice: Impacts on the IM Profession and the Way We Work - Learn about what the application of AI means for future skills, experience levels, numbers of IM staff, and also the nature of our role as information managers and leaders. Note: this session was hard to categorize since it will also feature case studies.
  • AI Readiness: Preparing Your Content and Organization for Generative AI - This interactive, 70-minute session with AI expert Kashyap Kompella will equip you with the tools to assess your organizations readiness; prepare your content for generative AI use; and measure the outcomes and ROI of AI.
  • The (AI) Oregon Trails: Data Preparedness for the AI Frontier - Brian Garcia with Frost Bank shares his organization's case study on how Records & Information Management, Data Governance and IT partnered to find unused data and develop new innovative processes and technologies for an AI data-readiness program. He also gets bonus points for referencing my favorite childhood computer game. 
  • First-Class Data is the Imperative for AI in IM - Seasoned speaker Ed Steenhoek will provide actionable strategies for how to use AI to ensure better quality data and improve your information management program. He'll also explore the moral implications of AI-driven data management, ensuring your strategies are both effective and ethically sound.

Experiment & Iterate

  • Let's Get Real: A Practical Guide to Building Generative AI for Your Organization - When AI expert Kashyap Kompella and I discussed this session, we both agreed that we needed to move beyond theory and provide practical knowledge on implementation. Kashyap will identify use cases and requirements and evaluate different models. Then, review options for implementation, including running small pilots. Participants will discuss how to maintain and continuously train models and explore security and compliance considerations; governance; staff training, and product ownership.
  • Everything You Wanted to Know About Making the AI Pivot - OpenText's Tracy Caughell and Alison Clarke will provide an immersive session, packed with practical advice and demos to ensure the security, relevancy, and accuracy of your organization’s data.


About the AIIM Conference

Download my AI Readiness Roadmap for #AIIM24 and start planning your experience at the AIIM Conference.

Hosted by the Association for Intelligent Information Management (AIIM), the AIIM Conference 2024 is a foreword-focused, technology-rich event for information leaders driving better business outcomes with information management in the era of AI and exponential data growth.  Earn 12 continuing education units at this can't-miss event, featuring 70+ hours of interactive workshops, exciting technical sessions, and real-world case studies.

Connect with solution providers and other information and data professionals. Get more out of your data and information and join us at AIIM24, being held in San Antonio, Texas, April 3-5. Learn more at Hope to see you there!


About Tori Miller Liu

Tori Miller Liu, MBA, FASAE, CAE, CIP is the President & CEO of the Association for Intelligent Information Management. She is an experienced association executive, technology leader, speaker, and facilitator. Previously, she served as the Chief Information Officer of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and has 16+ years of experience in association management. Tori is a former member of the ASAE Technology Professional Advisory Council and a founding Board Member of Association Women Technology Champions. She was named a 2020 Association Trends Young & Aspiring Professional and 2021 Association Forum Forty under 40 award recipient. She is also an alumna of the ASAE NextGen program. She is a Certified Association Executive and holds an MBA from George Washington University. In 2023, Tori was named as a Fellow of the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE).