[Podcast] Exploring Artificial Intelligence for Content Authoring
Sean McGauley

By: Sean McGauley on August 7th, 2019

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[Podcast] Exploring Artificial Intelligence for Content Authoring

Artificial Intelligence (AI)  |  AIIM on Air

When I was a kid in grade school, I always hated homework because it often stood in the way of going outside to play with my friends. I can remember joking around with them and saying that we needed to build a robot to do our homework for us. That way, we could spend our after school time riding bikes and playing together.

At the time, we were just kids being kids - we didn't think that we could actually build something like that. But, fast-forward to present day, and the idea doesn't seem so far-fetched. In fact, people are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a multitude of powerful ways, including writing books!

On this episode of the AIIM on Air podcast, Kevin Craine interviews best-selling author, Chris Duffey, about his new book: Superhuman Innovation: Transforming Businesses with Artificial Intelligence. It's a book about AI, written with AI! Chris, together with his AI co-author AIME, explore how these technologies have the power to amplify human ability and business outcomes.

Also on this episode, Kevin chats with Rikkert Engels, CEO of Xillio, about best practices in content services including, migration and integration, dealing with ROT, preparing for the future, and more.

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