[Podcast] Inside the Action at The AIIM Conference
Sean McGauley

By: Sean McGauley on May 6th, 2019

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[Podcast] Inside the Action at The AIIM Conference

Information Management  |  AIIM Conference

Have you ever watched a football game or other sporting event where they gave the players or coaches microphones? Or, how about an 'after show’ of your favorite reality tv program? I don’t know about you, but these are some of my favorites to watch because it gives the viewer a more intimate look than you would get by just watching the game or show normally. In these ‘real life’ situations you can hear directly from the players as they pump up their teammates, hear the strategy being passed between players and coaches, or hear directly from a reality tv star about what they were feeling during a specific situation.

For me, this deeper, unscripted look is fascinating. Which is why I’m so excited to see that we’ve taken this behind the scenes approach with our podcast at The AIIM Conference 2019. On this episode, Kevin Craine goes on the front lines of The AIIM Conference 2019 – hear his roving interviews with attendees and get a deeper look at their impressions, takeaways, and more.

If you missed us at AIIM19, this is the perfect way to feel like you were there. If you were there, this is your chance to re-live the fun and catch up on anything you may have missed.

Check it all out on this episode of AIIM on Air.


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