[Podcast] Opportunities in Intelligent Information Management
Sean McGauley

By: Sean McGauley on August 27th, 2020

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[Podcast] Opportunities in Intelligent Information Management

Intelligent Information Management (IIM)  |  AIIM on Air

There’s no doubt that the world has changed as a result of the pandemic. In our personal lives, we’ve made the necessary changes to our daily routines, added a mask to our list of things to remember when we leave the house along with our cell phones, wallet, and keys, and moved many of our social gatherings online.

But, this change has impacted our lives at work too. Offices closed, remote work stations were set up overnight, and many in-person meetings and events were morphed into something digital.

As we’ve all experienced - despite change being downright hard - we pull together and make it happen by adjusting.

But, does change take away opportunity or create it? On this episode, your host Kevin Craine sits down with Ripcord’s Chief Digital Officer, Wasim Khan to find out. Tune in to hear the lively discussion around the opportunities (and challenges) in Intelligent Information Management today. You’ll hear:

  • How automation, bots, and machine learning are finding their place in the new business environment
  • Insight on remote work, legacy system migration, and targeted automation
  • More about what Ripcord is working on

Tune in for all this and more on this episode of AIIM on Air.


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