[Podcast] Who is AIIM? Meet the People that Make up the AIIM Community
Sean McGauley

By: Sean McGauley on November 28th, 2018

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[Podcast] Who is AIIM? Meet the People that Make up the AIIM Community

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Who is AIIM? Well, that's a challenging question considering AIIM is an organization... But, when we take a step back, it's easier to see that AIIM does have a persona. It's you, me, and the other 155,000 global information professionals worldwide that make up the AIIM Community. So to be able to answer a question like "Who is AIIM?", we had to go straight to the source!

Your podcast host Kevin Craine took it upon himself to find out who AIIM really is with the "I am AIIM" series - a collection of interviews with AIIM members to hear what their everyday experiences and challenges are and who AIIM is to them. It starts on this episode with an interview with Carah Koch, Director of Enterprise Content Management for the Metropolitan Council in Minneapolis. Find out what it's like to be in Carah's shoes for a day and how her relationship with AIIM plays into it all.

Also on this episode, Kevin chats all about hacks with cyber security expert Charles Arthur. Charles is a former Technology Editor for The Guardian Newspaper where he's covered some of the biggest stories in security including Wiki Leaks and more! Charles is a best-selling author and shares information about his book Cyber Wars: Hacks that Shocked the World.

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