Understanding the Key Benefits of Extending ECM into Lead Business Applications
John F. Mancini

By: John F. Mancini on February 27th, 2019

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Understanding the Key Benefits of Extending ECM into Lead Business Applications

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Intelligent Automation requires both a top-down and a down-up strategy and the proper content capabilities to drive this strategy.

Every organization is on a quest to automate and digitalize their business. C-level executives go to conferences and come back proclaiming a need for a bold “Transformation” initiative, not always realizing that the raw material — and skills — necessary for intelligent automation likely lies in some of their past experiences with ECM and BPM. Content and records practitioners do not understand their potential value to intelligent automation initiatives and fail to update their skills and mindsets to connect to the bigger world of data AND content. Both parties are critical to automation initiatives, and organizations need to consciously work to connect these perspectives.

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The focus is shifting to applications that leverage content capabilities for specific business purposes. The focus is also moving to the integration of content capabilities into our existing lead business applications — including SaaS applications - finally providing the long-promised benefits of ECM without the adoption issues we have struggled with for so long.

Removing human intervention avoids lost time, costs, errors, and makes the organization more efficient. It achieves better business outcomes by:

  1. Increasing employee productivity
  2. Providing one version of the truth
  3. Ensuring regulatory and legal compliance
  4. Automating information flows

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Intelligent Automation - Putting Content Into Context

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