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The 32 Scariest Information Management Data Points! And Zombies!

Oct 27, 2016 8:42:54 PM by John Mancini


It's almost Halloween.  The time when scary things are on everyone's mind.  And now, presenting here for the first time...drawn from a variety of AIIM market research studies...

The 32 Scariest Information Management Data Points!

  1. When looking at SharePoint as an ECM/DM solution, 43% prefer using their file-share application for everyday content.
  2. Looking at SharePoint from a process and enterprise connectivity perspective, 72% of organizations show no support for mobile device use.
  3. 36% of smaller organizations, 43% of mid-sized and 52% of large organizations have reported a data breach in the past 12 months.
  4. 24% of respondents feel that their senior managers do not take the risks of data privacy breaches seriously.
  5. 26% suffered loss or exposure of customer data and 18% lost employee data.
  6. 37% of those storing Europeans’ data are not familiar with forthcoming General Data Protection Regulations, including 11% who (mistakenly) think it will not apply to them.
  7. Only 18% align their IM/ECM system strategies with agreed IG policies.
  8. 39% describe their email management as “chaotic.”
  9. 22% consider their ECM project to be somewhat stalled, and 21% have user adoption issues. 52% admit that they are still dependent on their network file-shares.
  10. Only 22% have mobile access to ECM/RM content.
  11. Forty percent of organizations say their SharePoint implementation was not a success. Inadequate user training (67%), hard to use (66%), and lack of senior management support (64%) are cited as reasons for SharePoint projects stalling or failing.
  12. 75% agree that email management is still the “elephant in the room.”
  13. 65% say they are still signing on paper.
  14. Forty-eight percent of respondents say they are vaguely familiar or have no clear understanding of BPM.
  15. Nearly a third of respondents say there is no one directly responsible for ownership of their processes.
  16. 85% are still using email for file sharing outside the enterprise.
  17. 52% say there have no cloud-based sharing standards at all.
  18. Unsanctioned file sharing tools are in use by 65% of those polled.
  19. More than a quarter of respondents say they are still using SharePoint 2010 with 41% citing they are using SharePoint 2013 as their live primary version. At this time, only 2% say they are live with SharePoint 2016 and 19% with SharePoint Office 365.
  20. 82% say they are still accessing content from corporate file shares and virtual drives.
  21. When looking at multi-channel inbound content, 42% of respondents say things are adhoc in their organization and it is a struggle to match their on-premise and cloud content.
  22. 57% of respondents say senior management are only interested in information governance when things go wrong.
  23. 45% of respondents agree that the lack of information governance leaves their organization wide open to litigation and data protection risks
  24. Only 11% of network file-shares, 30% of SharePoint/ECM systems and 37% of scanned image archives are being operated with effective retention period management.
  25. Only 37% of SharePoint systems are operating with legal hold, and 20% of file-shares, cloud or otherwise.
  26. 34% of respondents admit that their offices are piled high with paper, with most of their “important stuff” referenced and filed as paper
  27. 45% are reliant on paper for signed documents and 26% admit that their MFPs are mostly used for printing and copying rather than scanning.
  28. 27% admit to editing signature images into PDFs.
  29. 43% are struggling to meet increasing expectations for speed of response.
  30. 39% feel they do not put all of what they know about the customer to good use.
  31. 51% of electronic invoices end up back on paper for processing, including 17% that are printed and then scanned into a capture system.
  32. 21% only scan invoices for archive, and 38% scan up-front but do not capture data.


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