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Alyssa Blackburn

Alyssa Blackburn is the Information Strategy Lead at AvePoint. With more than 15 years of experience in the information management industry, Alyssa has worked with both public and private sector organizations to deliver guidance for information management success in the digital age. She is responsible for the development of AvePoint’s information and records management solution, AvePoint Opus. A passionate information management professional, Alyssa is actively involved in the industry and is an in-demand speaker at conferences and industry events worldwide.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)  |  Intelligent Information Management (IIM)

New Study Reveals Crucial Role of Information Management in AI Success

It cannot be argued that good decisions come from good information. So, in a world of rapid generative AI adoption, what does this mean for organizations who want to take advantage of this exciting new technology, while also maintaining the integrity of their information and, of course, their business decisions?

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