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Brian Cluster

Brian Cluster is Stibo Systems’ Industry Strategy Director for the consumer packaged goods and retail industries. He has a 20-year track record of collaborating on strategy, delivering analytics and developing business plans and digital transformation. At Stibo Systems, Brian is putting his varied industry expertise to good use, providing direction and strategy for field teams and helping to drive customer value for master data management solutions.

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Data Management

Succeeding at the Game of Work Depends on Excelling at Data Management

Companies are dealing with more data than ever before. In a complex IT environment, the challenge of maximizing the value of that data can be daunting. Everyone in an organization wants to excel, but many do not have holistic approaches for measuring the ongoing status and enhancement of their business data. Not doing so can result in lower overall company performance, incomplete or incorrect data to drive decisions, and undue stress, driving lower overall employee satisfaction.

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