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Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson is the co-founder of Anderson Archival (, a company dedicated to providing top quality digitization and archival services to preserve historical collections. The company offers a variety of services to transform collections into a powerful preservation and research tool, ensuring accuracy and metadata development.

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Capture and Imaging  |  Intelligent Information Management (IIM)

3 Ways to Improve Intelligent Capture with Human Touch

While digital information accuracy is important to all document preservation, some institutions benefit from it more than others. Intelligent Information Management (IIM) and paperless offices are sufficient for most businesses, but if the content is important for historical or informational purposes rather than a backup, the quick and easy options for digitization don’t always do the trick. There are serious pitfalls of intelligent capture, especially if a precise representation of the document’s content is important to a collection, such as legal documents, documents used for research and reference, or a historical document collection like a digital library. In these cases, human factors can never be replaced by technology because of the intelligence and problem-solving care experts possess. Whether the end result is for a paperless office or a collection of documents, the metadata, organization, and hands-on human approach can make the resulting digital library much more accurate and efficient.

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