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Sourodip Biswas

Sourodip Biswas works as a Digital Marketing Executive at Space-O Technologies, a company having expertise in software and mobile app development. He believes that learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. His work has been published on various distinguished blogs across the web.

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Information Security

Work from Home: 7 Best Security Practices for Remote Teams

Thanks to the internet and the connected world we live in, working remotely is increasing in popularity for a good reason! The benefits of working from home have been good for both organization and their employees. On the one hand, organizations can hire talent despite the geographical issue and provide a flexible work schedule, minimized exposure to germs, and so on! On the other hand! For employees, working from home will reduce the commuting time, empower workers in their own environments, and provide the convenience of things like virtual meetings. 40% of people say that the top benefit of working remotely is the flexible schedule. But, as people say, with great benefits, come great risks!

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