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Suzanne McCormack

Suzanne McCormack is the Training Manager at DocXellent. She has over 15 years of experience in the technology field, training software users and authoring software guides and educational documentation. Her company, DocXellent is a document management company who provides Fortune 500 companies and small business owners with the document management solutions they need for a smooth audit and streamlined information management.

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Document Management

6 Ways Document Management Software Can Make Your Next Audit a Breeze

No matter what industry you are in, audits are stressful. Many of your company’s processes and documents must be analyzed to make sure you are compliant and up to standard. That means the auditor is going to need to see a lot of paperwork. If you currently use filing cabinets, inboxes, and hard drives to store your documents, then an audit is likely your worst nightmare. Luckily, there is a better way. With a document control software, you no longer have to stress when it’s time for an audit. All your information can be stored within one comprehensive system that allows your data to be tracked, stored, indexed, and searched. Here is a look at six ways a document management system can help your company get organized and ready for your next audit:

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