Don’t Let Data Overwhelm You
Kate Dalton-Hoffman

By: Kate Dalton-Hoffman on October 3rd, 2018

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Don’t Let Data Overwhelm You

Electronic Records Management (ERM)  |  Sharepoint and Office 365  |  Big Data

Are you finding yourself overwhelmed by the amount of data you have to manage? While it's great to stay up with the latest technology, digital transformation can sometimes leave people feeling like there was a document "explosion" in their department. Not to worry, we're here to help.

AIIM’s Chief Evangelist, John Mancini, recently hosted a webinar with Microsoft’s Principal Engineering Lead, Nishan DeSilva, to discuss the latest ways Office 365 is providing the tools to develop and implement a records management strategy. In addition, Nishan shared customer use case stories illustrating these modern approaches to the latest functionality found in Office 365. We invite you to watch the webinar here:

Information professionals are using this platform to govern their data successfully, and you can too.


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