[Podcast] How to Conduct a Proof of Concept
Sean McGauley

By: Sean McGauley on February 6th, 2020

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[Podcast] How to Conduct a Proof of Concept

Document Management  |  AIIM on Air

Reaching your Digital Transformation goals often requires the addition of new software solutions. But, shopping around for software can be a challenge.

How are organizations expected to fully assess the precision of one software system/solution and compare it to another? Are we expected to become experts on each option?

In our personal lives, when we shop for something like a new pair of shoes, we try on different brands and sizes to see what fits best for our needs. Could it be possible for us to “try on” different software?

On this episode of the AIIM on Air Podcast, we take a look at Proof of Concept (PoC). PoC is an essential tool to determine the viability of any proposed technology and an enabling strategy for digital transformation. It is essential to understand whether the tools actually work in your IT environment, within your processes, and with your actual documents.

Join your host Kevin Craine and his guest Richard Medina, co-founder of Doculabs as they outline a straight-forward process for conducting a successful proof of concept.

Also on this episode, hear from John Kain, VP of Consulting Services for Montana and Associates discussing the biggest challenges and opportunities for Intelligent Information Management in the Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical industries.

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