[Podcast] Transforming How Mortgage Insurance Applications Are Processed
Sean McGauley

By: Sean McGauley on June 23rd, 2020

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[Podcast] Transforming How Mortgage Insurance Applications Are Processed

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There may be no other industry that could benefit more from automation than the mortgage banking industry. This industry is full of time-consuming, error-prone, and paper and labor-intensive processes, all perfectly-suited for automation. And with huge volumes of loans being generated each year (nearly 5 million new consumer mortgages alone), it may soon become impossible to move forward without the use of automation.

Automation can help banks lower loan processing costs, shorten cycle times, unlock visibility, and lower compliance risk. But, what does this digital transformation look like?

On this episode of the AIIM on Air Podcast, Kevin Craine explores an interesting case study about how Zia Consulting helped a large U.S. mortgage firm fundamentally transform the way mortgage insurance applications are processed, eliminating paper in favor of a completely digital workflow.

Also, on this episode, hear an AIIM20 interview in Dallas with Wasim Kahn, Chief Digital Officer at Ripcord. Kevin and Wasim chat about documents, information management, and digital transformation.

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