Why is Information Management Modernization So Important Right NOW?
John F. Mancini

By: John F. Mancini on February 19th, 2019

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Why is Information Management Modernization So Important Right NOW?

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The combination of cloud technologies plus mobile is a volatile one when it comes to the sustainability of existing organizations. We’ve never before been in a disruptive environment quite like this one, and it demands much more agile approaches to IT. Established incumbents are being challenged on every front. Consider the following:

In the banking industry, Better Mortgage can qualify a mortgage loan in 3-minutes and approve it within 24-hours.

In the transportation industry, who could have predicted that Uber and Lyft could disrupt a protected and regulated industry like taxis?

Apple’s combination of the iPod and the iTunes store completely redefined the music industry.

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Netflix built an entirely new movie creation and delivery industry, originally around the frustrations of renting videos from Blockbuster.

Advertising-driven search and social platforms like Google and Facebook continue to revolutionize the news and media industries.

Even in government, the “Amazon-ing” of customer experiences in the consumer realm revolutionizes what constituents expect from government services and how long they are willing to wait for it.

Conventional wisdom usually holds that traditional organizations face inevitable “incumbent disruption” when faced with these kinds of new competitors. And because of the inability of many organizations to modernize their information infrastructures to create new customer experiences, the conventional wisdom often proves true.

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What Does Information Management "Modernization" Really Mean

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