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7 questions - Number 3 - Why information “capture” and creation is more than just scanning documents into an archive

Sep 3, 2015 9:28:00 AM by John Mancini

7 questions you should ask about paper reduction and process transformation


Number 3 -- Why information “capture” and creation is more than just scanning documents into an archive

  • Unless checked, documents have an inherent tendency to reproduce -> On average, 35% of scanned documents are 100% born digital i.e., unchanged from printer to scanner. 16% of scanned documents are photocopied before scanning, and 65% are not destroyed after scanning.
  • The number and form of inputs that must be managed is accelerating -> While 47% have automated management of inbound invoices and web forms, only 34% automate email routing. Only 29% automate handling of forms on paper.
  • Capturing and managing these inputs is a key problem for most organizations -> For 67% of respondents, half or more of their main LOB processes involve connecting multi-channel inbound content to one managed process. One third consider this to be their biggest single problem in managing cases. 

Number 2 -- In what kinds of processes can a focus on paper reduction generate quick wins?

Number 1 -- Why should you care about paper reduction and process transformation?

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