[Podcast] Artificial Intelligence - What the Research Data REALLY Means
Sean McGauley

By: Sean McGauley on March 5th, 2019

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[Podcast] Artificial Intelligence - What the Research Data REALLY Means

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No matter where you turn, it seems you can't help but run into discussion about Artificial Intelligence being the future of Intelligent Information Management. In fact, when we surveyed the AIIM Community about it and found that 81% of organizations reported that Deep Learning and Machine Learning are key to their future technology and business planning.

It's clear that the majority of organizations would agree that Artificial Intelligence has a place in the future of business...But, with so much information out there around leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence for your business, how do we sort through it all and decide what's best for our information management strategy?

For this, our podcast host Kevin Craine went to AIIM's Chief Evangelist John Mancini. John recently led AIIM's Community-wide research around Leveraging Deep Learning and Machine Learning Capabilities. Hear John and Kevin discuss the findings and share what the data is telling us about what it all means for the future of managing information.

Also on this episode, Kevin continues the "I Am AIIM" interview series with Rick Molique, Director Of Technical Operations at IQBG.

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