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Alexis Maxwell

Freelance writer Alexis Maxwell believes that automation is an inevitable and integral part of the evolution of the modern office. When she's not chasing article deadlines or learning how to code, she likes to take her beagle, Tom, out for walks around the neighborhood.

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Automation  |  Human Resources

The Pros and Cons of Automating Human Resources

In their efforts to streamline key business processes, industry leaders have looked to artificial intelligence (AI) and automation. Automation has forced multiple industries to rethink how they work and function ⁠— and human resources is one field where automation proves its worth. However, automation is not a be-all end-all solution to HR woes. While it fills in the gaps where humans fail to deliver, automation has its disadvantages, too. That said, here are some pros and cons of automating HR processes.

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Why Workplace Automation is for Everyone

Workplace automation is starting to become the norm for modern corporations. With automation enabling massive improvements in talent acquisition, employee recruitment, and customer service, it's no surprise that more and more enterprises are jumping on the automation bandwagon. Let's take a deeper look into how workplace automation leads to increased efficiency and profitability.

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14 Steps to a Successful ECM Implementation

Making an ECM implementation successful requires planning and attention to detail. The best way to create the right solution is to identify organizational goals and priorities. Learn how to manage a successful implementation in our free guide.