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Brandon Harris (Smooth Photo Scanning)

Brandon Harris is the owner of Smooth Photo Scanning Services ( - One of the leading photo digitizing service provider in Lodi, NJ providing Slide scanning services, Convert Negatives To Digital (, Convert Cassette To CD and VHS To DVD Services, etc Prior to that, Brandon owned and operated a small bakery. Other than working to grow and improve his business, he enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter, and family.

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How Document Scanning Can Improve Productivity at Your Workplace

Companies are always looking for ways to make their workplace more productive and efficient and to reduce costs. Document management has an important part to play here. A survey conducted in 2012 showed that 21.3% of losses in employee productivity are due to paper-based documentation challenges that businesses go through. Converting your paper files into digital files via document scanning services can really help in alleviating the nuisance of managing paperwork at the office. While some documents do need to be printed, digitization can considerably increase your workplace productivity. With document scanning businesses, you can achieve superior efficiency, better systems for storage and retrieval and greater security controls. Let’s take a deeper look into how digitization can prove to be beneficial for your business.

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