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Candace McCabe, CIP, CIPM, AIIM Fellow

Candace began her love affair with all things data and information in one of her earliest roles in her career. As a project manager responsible to her customer in a software development company, she quickly learned to understand her customer’s data needs and communicate those clearly to her software development partners. After serving as the Sr. Information Architect at JB Hunt Transport and leading their enterprise modeling effort, she moved into Enterprise Architecture with a minor role in Information Lifecycle Management. She championed the creation of an Information Governance Program that included Information Lifecycle Management, Records Management, eDiscovery, Legal Hold Management, and the supporting technologies for those efforts and she became the creator and owner of the program. As an extension of her IG work, Candace expanded her efforts to promote, create, and manage JB Hunt’s first Information Privacy program. In that effort, she also included her knowledge and network in IM/ IG. Candace joined Walmart in late 2019 and began working in the Governance, Risk, and Compliance area, supporting Disaster Recovery as a Sr. Solution Architect. She continued applying her IM/ IG knowledge, which has expanded into an information risk management practice, and applying IM/ IG to her current role in Enterprise Architecture. She is currently working to apply IG principles and serving as the primary information architect in an effort to develop accurate and actionable views of the dependencies between technical assets. Candace has always been a proponent for improving the lives and careers of women in information and technology careers. She served as a member of the WIIM leadership council, mentored multiple women in AIIM, started the Women In IT resource group at JBH, and founded a book club and a wellness mentoring circle through Walmart’s Women in InfoSec resource group. She continues to mentor and lead in areas related to women in information and technology careers. As an AIIM Fellow, Candace is working to champion diversity, specifically for women, within AIIM. Candace was also one of the authors of the best-selling risk management book, Flip This Risk For Enterprise Security, which was featured at AIIM 2022 during the keynote session featuring Dr. Karen Hardy, the coordinating author.

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