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Jessica Lombardo

Jess Lombardo is Director of Membership at AIIM International. A community organizer at heart, she values one on one connections, the art of storytelling, and potlucks.

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AIIM Community

Thanks AIIM—This Isn’t Goodbye

Some of you may know that, when I was a kid, my dad was my high school principal and my mom was our high school drama teacher. Basically, it meant that NO ONE asked me out on a date. But it also meant that I had a unique front row seat for observing my parents in their ‘natural environments’. I knew they taught, I knew they loved what they did, and I knew they were really, really good at what they did because all the kids and teachers loved them.

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File Shares

To Keep or Not to Keep – Questions to Ask during a File Share Cleanup Project

I grew up in the Catholic school system. As a young kid, I geeked out over the list of school supplies needed to start a new school year. I thrived on organization—and took pride in setting up a new file structure in my trapper keeper for my upcoming classes. And when Sr. Bertha or Sr. Edwardine asked to see my notebook and folders, I delighted in sharing with them my well-kept trapper keeper—work in progress, completed, and notes per subject area. Basically, I was a nerd.

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14 Steps to a Successful ECM Implementation

Making an ECM implementation successful requires planning and attention to detail. The best way to create the right solution is to identify organizational goals and priorities. Learn how to manage a successful implementation in our free guide.