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Pyramid Solutions provides intelligent automation solutions to help organizations work as efficiently as possible. We strive to optimize how our clients work with information from when it enters an organization to the way it’s analyzed to make insightful data-driven decisions. For more information visit:

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Document Management  |  Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Document Processing Vs. Robotic Process Automation

The Difference Between Intelligent Document Processing and RPA — Or Is There One? For many businesses, content and data capture tools are highly sought out, particularly in the banking and insurance sectors. With so many different types of documents required to operate and adhere to compliances, the need for capturing data accurately and quickly, especially unstructured data, is ever growing. As a result, businesses are looking at sophisticated data capture solutions to achieve this. For a while, the biggest player was intelligent document processing (IDP), which used to be known as “capture.” However, now robotic process automation (RPA) is matching the features IDP tools offer and throwing their hat into the data capture ring.

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