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Yukti Chaudhary

A sales associate at KnoBis. KnoBis is a knowledge base software for Slack and Google Apps teams. Powered by a strong search, KnoBis makes it easy to capture and share knowledge in any format: conversations, rich text articles, multimedia documents etc. Use cases of KnoBis include sales enablement, customer support enablement, intranet/internal team knowledge base and self support module for customers.

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Collaboration  |  Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

9 Reasons the ECM Community is Underestimating SLACK

Slack has entered the market as a business app to reduce emails and formal meetings. Slack is now known to have 5 million daily active users, and the count of paid Slack accounts has now reached 1.5 million. With more than 60,000 teams existing on Slack it has become a significant player. How is it that Slack -- a communications app – is giving more established enterprise content management companies a run for their money? And yet, there is hardly any conversation about Slack in the ECM community. Why is that?

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