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New #InfoChaos #Infographic released

Posted by John Mancini

Apr 7, 2014 2:02:00 PM

We've released a new Infographic that summarizes some of the key information management issues facing organizations in the years ahead.  For a copy -- please feel free to reuse -- go HERE.

For a copy of the #InfoChaos white paper...

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Can you identify these industry leaders from #AIIM14 (and thanks for hosting, IBM)

Posted by John Mancini

Apr 7, 2014 12:53:00 PM

Many thanks to IBM for a fun booth idea during #AIIM14.  Caricatures were done on an iPAD.  Know anyone? Here's a link to the full set.  I'm 2nd row, 1st on the left if it's not immediately obvious!  (More info on IBM ECM HERE.)

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Mancini's Law -- and my #AIIM14 keynote presentation -- #infochaos

Posted by John Mancini

Apr 4, 2014 1:13:13 PM

We had a terrific time at #AIIM14 -- such awesome attendees and sponsors.  We are grateful for the trust they all put in us to take 3 days out of their schedule and share with us and with each other.  More on that in my next post.  

But for now -- here's "Mancini's Law" and my keynote presentation -- and at the bottom of the page, you'll find a link to the free companion ebook.  Feel free to share and re-use!  All of these are yours to use to help tell the story of InfoChaos...

and get the free ebook HERE -- 
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The Box IPO Filing - Looking at the Numbers - #cloud

Posted by John Mancini

Mar 26, 2014 12:50:23 PM

The Box IPO filing is generating a lot of attention on the challenges of migrating from a freemium to premium model and the sales and marketing costs associated with this transition.  I thought it might be useful to gather some of the various press articles together in one place.  First, some of the totals and highlights from Box’s Accumulated Losses: $361 Million in the Wall Street Journal blog:

  • $250 million: The amount of money Box expects to raise in the offering, although that number is a placeholder that could change.
  • $124 million: Revenue for the year ended Jan. 31, more than doubling from $59 million
  • $169 million: The loss for the year, giving the company $361 million in accumulated losses since its founding
  • $171 million: Sales and marketing expenses for the year, including stock compensation costs
  • 25 million: Registered users
  • 225,000: Number of organizations who are customers in over 200 countries
  • 34,000: Number of paying business customers, representing about 15%
  • 972: Employee count as of Jan. 31, up from 369 a year earlier and less than a third of Facebook’s staff count at the time of its IPO
  • $108 million: Cash and cash equivalents
  • $190,000: CEO and co-founder Aaron Levie’s compensation in 2014, which included a $38,750 bonus
  • $2 million: Levie’s compensation in 2013, including $1.8 million in option awards
  • 25.5%: The stake held by the top shareholder, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, which was one of the first venture-capital investors in Box
  • 4.1%: Levie’s ownership in the company; the other co-founder, Dylan Smith, owns just 1.8%

Some additional pieces:

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March Madness at #AIIM14

Posted by John Mancini

Mar 24, 2014 11:12:00 AM

March Madness is here at AIIM as we fill the last few remaining conference seats for #AIIM14.

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20 Posts to Catch You up on #InfoChaos and #AIIM14

Posted by John Mancini

Mar 23, 2014 7:22:35 PM

Enjoyed speaking with the AIIM14 attendees last week, and I promised I would compile some of the blog posts about the Conference over the past month in one place.  So here you go...Can't wait to see everyone in Orlando!

  1. The #AIIM14 #InfoChaos Hot Seat: Saving Time With ECM
  2. The #AIIM14 #InfoChaos Hot Seat: The Transformative Power of Information
  3. The #AIIM14 #InfoChaos Hot Seat: Cloud, Cloud, and MORE Cloud
  4. The #AIIM14 InfoChaos Hot Seat: Usable Products Can Help Conquer Information Chaos
  5. A 10 Point #Governance Action Plan to Manage Information #Risk
  6. #InfoChaos Covered in Information Age Magazine
  7. The #AIIM14 #InfoChaos Hot Seat: People at the Center of Content
  8. The #AIIM14 #InfoChaos Hot Seat: Control and Sharing in a BYOD World
  9. The #AIIM14 #InfoChaos Hot Seat: The Best of Both Content Worlds Is Coming
  10. #AIIM14 #InfoChaos Hot Seat: Variety - The Spice of Information Chaos
  11. The #AIIM14 #InfoChaos Hot Seat: Your Content NEEDS to be Available!
  12. On the #AIIM14 #InfoChaos Hot Seat: Dark Data Strains IT Budgets – for no good reason
  13. The #AIIM14 #InfoChaos Hot Seat: Unmanaged Content Can Cripple You
  14. The #AIIM14 #InfoChaos Hot Seat: Capture Changes Coming
  15. The #AIIM14 #InfoChaos Hot Seat: The Danger of Casual Capturers
  16. The #AIIM14 #InfoChaos Hot Seat: Keep It Simple
  17. 5 Free #Research Reports to Help You Navigate #InfoChaos
  18. The #AIIM14 #InfoChaos Hot Seat: Reshaping the Way of Work
  19. On the #AIIM14 #InfoChaos Hot Seat: Connect Content and Process
  20. "Control" Track Announced for #AIIM14 -- #Information #Governance Heats Up

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The #AIIM14 #InfoChaos Hot Seat: Saving Time With ECM

Posted by John F. Mancini

Mar 19, 2014 4:45:31 PM

As we start to think about #AIIM14, I thought I would ask a number of our sponsors a few identical questions and put them on a bit of a hot seat with regards to how they see the future -- and let attendees start thinking about your own questions to ask them in Orlando.  Here are the three questions I'll ask:

  1. What are the three most important business problems related to Information Chaos facing YOUR customers?
  2. What do you see as the three most important trends related to Information Chaos facing organizations over the next 18-24 months?  What will be different in our industry two years from now?
  3. What are the three most important things attendees should know about your company?

Ben Vierck, KnowledgeLake’s VP of Engineering, points out that while managing content is hard saving time looking for information is a key benefit, whether you use that time to spend with loved ones or to do more work. 

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9 ideas on how to get serious about #bigdata and #content #analytics

Posted by John Mancini

Mar 11, 2014 3:49:44 PM

Action Plan:  How do we get any business INSIGHT out of all the information we are gathering?

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6 tips on how to use content to better engage customers, employees, and partners.

Posted by John Mancini

Mar 11, 2014 3:36:31 PM

Action Plan:  6 tips on how to use content to better engage customers, employees, and partners.

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10 Tips for transforming your content-intensive business processes

Posted by John Mancini

Mar 11, 2014 9:00:00 AM

Action Plan:  10 Tips for transforming your content-intensive business processes

  1. Question long-held assumptions that paper is essential in your business for legal compliance. Research others in your industry. Consult your auditors.
  2. Highlight the role that paper-free processes can play in your key business improvement initiatives.
  3. Audit those existing processes that utilize scanning and electronic workflows. Ensure that they are taking full advantage of the possibilities of OCR, data capture and integration with core enterprise processes.
  4. Take a quick audit of where poor access to information is hurting the business - trapped on paper, spread over file shares, locked up in enterprise systems, or simply mobile-unfriendly. Use this to energize your content management project. The more content you can converge into a single, searchable, mobile-accessible system, the fewer other places you need to go to solve the problem.
  5. Take stock of your current ECM and DM systems and consider migrating content and consolidating. Modern auto-classification and migration products can take much of the pain out of selecting which content to recover from legacy systems, re-aligning the metadata on the way.
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