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30: Interview with Mike Alsup AIIM17 Award of Merit Recipient:  Mike Alsup, Sr. Vice President and Founder at Gimmal Group, discusses is recent receipt of the AIIM Award of Merit at #AIIM17 and his 30 year perspective on the ECM industry.

29: Charlene Cunniffe and using LEAN in Records Management: Charlene Cunniffe, Associate Director, Information & Records Management at Sanofi, discusses her upcoming presentation at AIIM17 "Facilitating Business Process Improvement in Information Management.

28: "Paper-Light" at the AMA - Integration of Multiple RIM Systems: Allen Podraza, Director of Records Management and Archive from the American Medical Association discusses their efforts to become "paper-light". Warren Bean, Systems Engineer from Zasio Enterprises discusses the advantages of an integrated, best-of-breed approach to records and information management.
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27: Intelligent Info Management – Capture Systems. Intelligent Information Management with Bob Larrivee, VP of Research at AIIM. Also, a new ECM executive report "The Five Questions to Ask Before Buying a Capture System."

26: AIIM17 Session Preview on Knowledge Mgmt & IoT, Analytics & Artificial Intelligence; Content Services.  AIIM17 speakers Kate Pugh from Columbia University (discussing knowledge management and the internet of things) and Joe Mariano from Gartner (discussing analytics and it's impact on artificial intelligence) discuss their upcoming sessions and what to expect in Orlando in March. Also Thomas LaMonte, analyst of market intelligence at AIIM discusses his new blog post on Content Services and the declaration from Gartner that "ECM is Dead."

25: AIIM17 Preview on project mgmt & SharePoint; AIIM research "Simple Enterprise"Gordon Brown from the Atlanta Housing Authority previews his presentation for AIIM17 about Scrum project management and SharePoint. Thomas LaMonte, Analyst of Market Intelligence, discusses AIIM research on the "Simple Enterprise," and host Kevin Craine discusses getting more insight from information in the latest installment of the ECM Executive Report.

24: 2017 Predictions plus Bob Larrivee on 2017 AIIM Research. Bob Larrivee discusses AIIM research for 2017. Host Kevin Craine has five predictions for the new year. Explore trends like analytics, the Internet of Things, Internet shutdowns and more.

23: Going Paper Free at AIIM, plus Infonomics. Felicia Dillard, CFO at AIIM, discusses specific steps AIIM is taking to become paper free. Also, Randy Krotowski, former CIO at Chevron and Caterpillar discusses his involvement in the recent AIIM research project on Infonomics and his viewpoint on placing value on enterprise information.

22: Analytics and Cognitive Computing; More on Going Paper Free.  Andrea Chiappe, Director of Innovation at Systemware, discusses opportunities in the convergence of analytics, cognitive computing, and machine learning. Plus Claudia Kieran, Corporate Senior Accountant at Wildman Business Group, tells us about their efforts at Wildman to become more paper free, and how they did it.

21: ECM in the Insurance Industry. Dan Antion, VP Information Services from American Nuclear Insurers, discusses the specific challenges managing information in a highly specialized and regulated industry. Plus, his organization's plans for executive level succession and why he feels that is a strategic imperative.

20: Infonomics. Reynold Leming from the UK Information and Records Management Society discusses the new AIIM white paper Infonomics, "How Do You Measure The Value of Information." This was the topic at the 2016 Executive Leadership Council (ELC) meetings in the US and the UK.

Special Episode on BPM - AIIM Industry Watch webinar with chief analyst Bob Larrivee on process improvement (and BPM) with guest Adam Storch, Vice President, Business Solutions at Microstrategies. Bob and Adam explore five steps to learn how BPM can work for you.

Special Episode on SharePoint - Bob Larrivee, chief analyst at AIIM, conducts this webinar with guests Barry Jinks, President & CEO at Colligo Networks and Mike Alsup, Senior Vice President at Gimmal. The panel discusses important factors to consider before making your move with SharePoint.

18: Guest Marc Solomon discusses using a SharePoint Center of Excellence at his insurance company (and the value to marry the business purposes with technical functions); plus Cenzig Satir and Roger Beharry Lall from AIIM16. Also excerpts from a recent AIIM webinar on SharePoint featuring Bob Larrivee, Barry Jinks (stay agile and modify as you need) and Mike Alsup (plan the journey YOU want to take with SharePoint).

Bob Larrivee discusses new AIIM Industry Watch research on SharePoint.
Kurt Neumann and Laurie Fischer from AIIM16 with a look at the generations in the workplace, and how to get along.
Also: Five Questions to Ask before you Buy a Capture System.

ECM Industry Standards
. What is the value and importance of standards in our industry? What are the best practices we should be aware of and adopt? And how do standards really make a difference in how our businesses and organizations function? Guests Stephen Levenson (PDF/A), Robert Blatt (AIIM25), and Owen Ambur (StratML) share what's helped them and their organizations succeed with the help of industry standards. For more info on reading Standards, visit

ECM in Universities.
Hear Graham Snow, Corporate Records Manager at Plymouth City Council, and James Balter, Director of Enterprise Content Management at University of Miami discuss ECM strategies in the university setting.
Part two of an interview with Priscilla Emery from AIIM16.

AIIM16 Report 3 - Part one of an interview with Priscilla Emery, AIIM Award of Merit recipient (people are transformative to the business) from AIIM16.

Plus comments from vendor/supporters Kevin Ells, Katie Alberti, Kevin Werwie, and Ian Story, also live from AIIM16 (empower your workers; complexity is the enemy of doing more with less).

And a featured interview with UK analyst Neil Ward-Dutton on Business Process Management and highlights from his recent AIIM webinar.

BPM Is Imperative: Bob Larrivee Explains AIIM Research
Join AIIM’s chief analyst Bob Larrivee as he features findings from our latest research. He’ll put some issues into context and help you identify your imperative to help your business thrive. (Audio file from recent AIIM Webinar.) Download slides here.

Interviews with Kevin Parker (get SharePoint useful, usable, and used) and Chris Walker (treat content as an asset), and an executive report on Mobile Capture. Important trends in Information Governance, SharePoint, and Mobile.

Russ Stalters' interview part two. Bob Larrivee on new the new AIIM research report on Business Process Management (BPM) and Process Improvement. The changing landscape of ECM.

More live interviews and reporting from AIIM16 in New Orleans. Hear interviews with presenters Duff Johnson and Russ Stalters, as well as board members Anthony Peleska and Dan Antion. Plus live interviews with AIIM members directly from the exhibit floor.

Live interviews and reporting from AIIM16 in New Orleans. Hear interviews with Keynote speakers and authors Jacob Morgan and Erik Qualman, as well as John Mancini and Thornton May. Experience some of the excitement from the post-award ceremony party with roving interviews live from the dance floor. Just like being there!

Hubert Dorsainvil, Director Litigation Support & Records Mgmt at A&E Television Networks and Gretchen Nadasky, Manager at Optimity Advisors, discuss their joint presentation at AIIM16, entitled: The E3 Method for Collaboration: Engagement, Expectation, Enthusiasm.

Hear Hubie and Gretchen describe their approaches, ideas, and innovations, and how they worked for A&E.

Peggy Winton, Chief Operating Officer at AIIM discusses how everyone on the front lines is an Information Professional, the upcoming AIIM16 conference, and her evolving role in the organization. Hear about the content market efforts that are bringing new opportunities and success.

John Mancini, President at AIIM, discusses the upcoming AIIM16 conference as well as his transition to a new role at AIIM. Hear the story of his transition and learn more about tactics for digital transformation.

Jesse Wilkins, Director of Professional Development at AIIM, discusses the upcoming AIIM16 conference as well as the various ongoing training programs at AIIM. Learn about essential training and networking tools to succeed today.

Jesse Wilkins, Director of Professional Development at AIIM, discusses the upcoming AIIM16 conference as well as AIIM's CIP Certification Program. Understand the tools and training available to help you prepare for Digital Transformation.

Bob Larrivee, Vice President and Chief Analyst of Market Intelligence at AIIM discusses the upcoming AIIM16 conference in New Orleans as well as AIIM training and the CIP certification program. Hear about how to gain the skills needed to master Digital Transformation.

Bob Larrivee, Vice President and Chief Analyst of Market Intelligence at AIIM discusses the upcoming AIIM16 conference in New Orleans as well as ongoing AIIM Market Intelligence. Hear about the current ECM drivers for Digital Transformation.

Tony Paille, Director of Marketing at AIIM, discusses the upcoming AIIM16 conference in New Orleans. Some great keynotes are planned, as well as a number of valuable training and educational sessions. Find out more in this interview.

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