From Jurassic Park to Digital Transformation -- a Tale of Information Professionals

May 3, 2016 7:42:05 AM by John Mancini

It is literally 20 years to the day since I first started at AIIM. I've been thinking about how the technology landscape has changed since I first walked on the scene at AIIM and what the implications of these changes are for how we think about what it means to be an “Information Professional."  This was the heart of what I spoke about during my keynote at AIIM16, and will be getting my thoughts down in this blog over the next few weeks prior to release of a new white paper on May 31.  

Reserve your advance copy of our new  Future of Information Professionals white paper -- due out May 31.

How We Got Here did a good article a while back talking about how much technology has changed since 1996. They used the term “Jurassic Web” to describe 1996, and I rather like that characterization.


So let's think a little bit about what 1996 looked like:

  • Only 20 million American adults had access to the internet.
  • Something called “a blog” was still three years away.
  • 99% of phone users did not find text messaging to be of any use whatsoever -- assuming they even knew what it was.
  • The first iPhone was still 11 years away.  That’s right, 11 years in the future.
  • Microsoft Office 97 was published in December on CD-ROM but also - get this - on a set of 45 (forty-five!) 3.5 inch floppy disks.

In 1996 there was no YouTube. No Huffington Post. No Google. No Twitter. No Facebook. And no Wikipedia.

In 1996, AIIM was also in what I would call the pre-web phase of its existence. One month before I joined AIIM, the association's magazine, INFORM, had this quote:

“Despite the area of Internet enthusiasm and the hyped up selling palaver of some web services providers, we remain uncertain as to the long run substitute benefits the internet will bring to businesses and to individual users.


As Yogi would say. “It's tough to make predictions especially about the future.” I'm especially glad that this AIIM prediction was before my time.

How did AIIM Survive for all of these years?

So that's the backdrop for the past 20 years. Of course, against this, AIIM goes back even further. Many people do not realize that AIIM was founded in 1943 as the National Microfilm Association. Many people are mystified about how an organizational journey could somehow begin in 1943 with microfilm, and wind up in 2016 with content and information management.

So what is the connective tissue in this strange story?

I think it boils down to 3 words.

People. Process. Technology.

More to come.  Get on the advance list for the white paper HERE.


Here's the keynote deck in case you missed it. Socialize it and share it if you are so inclined. Also a fun compilation of AIIM16 Tweets HERE.


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3 Quick Snapshots You Don't Want to Miss From #AIIM16

May 1, 2016 10:00:44 PM by John Mancini

There will be more follow-up re AIIM16 in the weeks ahead, but suffice it to say it was one incredible event.  800 people pasionate about helping their organizations turn information chaos into information opportunity.  On behalf of the staff, thanks so much to the speakers and attendees who made #AIIM16 a roaring success.

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Proving Content Management Marketing Effectiveness and ROI Still a Challenge

May 1, 2016 4:17:12 PM by John Mancini

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Where do you stand? -- 6 Key Findings - new "State of Information Management" Benchmark report

Apr 15, 2016 12:08:09 PM by John Mancini

What's the status of Information Management in your organization?

Check out our new State of the Industry findings.

Download Your Report

Managing and recording what the organization knows, what has been said, what inputs are received, what decisions and commitments have been made, and what results are achieved, is paramount to improvement and success. Failure to manage this information, and make it available for sharing, search, controlled access, defined process, audit and secure archive limits operational capability, stunts new initiatives and exposes the business to potential liabilities.

In this [free] executive summary, we've compiled our key findings, including:

  • How different ECM system strategies match the overall goals of the information management lifecycle.
  • The governance and adoption issues that users face.
  • The impact of extending access to mobile and the new cloud services.
AIIM's new Industry Watch report -- 6 key findings:
  1. The number of large organizations citing compliance and risk as the largest driver for IM has risen sharply in the past year from 38% to 59%. 44% of mid-sized organizations also cite this as the biggest driver whereas smaller organizations consider cost savings and productivity improvements to be more significant drivers.
  2. 17% of responding organizations have completed an enterprise-wide ECM capability, including 4% on a global scale. 23% are rolling out company-wide, and a further 15% are integrating across departments. 6% are looking to replace existing system(s) with a new one.
  3. Only 18% align their IM/ECM system strategies with agreed IG policies. 15% have IG policies but they do not drive decisions. 29% have no IG policies. 
  4. 39% describe their email management as “chaotic”, including the largest organizations. 55% agree that email is their big untagged, ungoverned, high-risk content type. Only 10% selectively archive emails to ECM, RM or SharePoint.
  5. 22% consider their ECM project to be somewhat stalled, and 21% have user adoption issues. 52% admit that they are still dependent on their network file-shares.
  6. 38% are actively focused on extending their ECM functionality and 25% are rolling out to a wider user-base. 30% are improving collaboration and 21% are working on mobile and remote access.

Get it while it's hot!

Download Your Report

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A Double-Dose of Charity at AIIM16

Apr 14, 2016 2:28:05 PM by Anthony Paille

AIIM takes great pride in being an active member of our community. We’re always trying to find new ways to give back - we have staff volunteer days, make donations to charity for responses to our surveys, and have given our time at homeless shelters, food kitchens, working farms, charity runs/walks and clothing drives.

Now, we want to get YOU involved in the giving during The AIIM Conference 2016.

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Per Yogi, It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future

Apr 11, 2016 6:48:43 PM by John Mancini

I'm starting to work on my opening AIIM keynote and thinking about how technology and the nature of what it means to be an information professional has changed and will continue to change. And also reflecting a bit on my 20 years in this crazy industry.

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Check out the new #AIIM #Podcast Channel

Apr 7, 2016 5:37:19 PM by John Mancini

Check out AIIM's new podcast channel.

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137 -- Count 'Em -- Things You Need to Know About Information Management

Mar 31, 2016 6:25:28 PM by John Mancini

Changes in the Information Management Industry 2015 brought about some interesting changes in the information management industry. Mergers, and acquisitions like that found in Dell and EMC, and partnerships formed like that of IBM and Box, potentially change the technology landscape of information management and impact the way organizations operate. Along with watching these types of activity, AIIM Research this past year focused specifically in the areas of SharePoint, ECM, Content Analytics, Mobile and Cloud, Paper-free environments, Information Governance, and Data Privacy, and put together a great wrap up in a free e-Book.  

Believe it or not, there are 137 -- that's right, one hundred thirty-seven, count'em -- key findings from AIIM research in this ebook.

Get the eBook (Free) --

Some highlights:

SharePoint is still viewed as an essential tool yet many organizations indicate their SharePoint projects are stalled and failing to meet expectations. This is perhaps due to a lack of focus and direction as to the business problem SharePoint will address.

ECM is now considered vital for businesses and down time seen as having a major negative impact. Where once ECM was a nice to have, in 2016 it is considered a mission-critical part of business operations. It is seen as the place where vital business information is housed, and access to it must be maintained at all times.

Here's the link for Information Management: 2016 and Beyond.  Get it!

Download Your eBook

Content Analytics applications have also entered the spotlight in a greater way. Businesses are turning their attention to analytics for inbound routing and text recognition for content classification and metadata correction, improved search and knowledge extraction, and to provide business insight. The latter being one of extending content use to a greater audience and identifying recipients who have the need for it based on specified user/case profiles.

Mobile and Cloud continue to be in discussions with a strengthened tone of being part of the bigger information eco-system and IT infrastructure. Where once these were viewed as non-essential elements, businesses are now considering the risk factor of unauthorized use and the benefit of sanctioned and vetted cloud and mobile options.

Paper-free, while not a new concept, is gaining momentum with many organizations and for different reasons that those of the past dealing with storage alone. Businesses have come to realize that capturing information, whether digitizing the physical or digitally born, at the first touch-point of a process, brings this information under corporate control and into a workflow sooner, more securely, and readily available for action to be taken.

Information Governance has taken center stage in a way it has not before, bringing about a stronger awareness amongst business leaders that more and tighter control is needed over their information and information practices than ever before. Information Governance is now seen to address the holistic organization by addressing people, process, information and technology.

Data Privacy, due to the number of security breaches reported in all markets ranging from healthcare, to retail, has become a hot button for many businesses and consumers. While governance and technology are essential elements of a solid information eco-system, the goal and one of the key drivers is data privacy – keeping information secure, the environment compliant with legal, industry, and regulatory guidelines, and accessible to only those who have proper authorization.

Information Management now must look at the business, organization, and operations with a holistic view. People, process, technology, and information need to be addressed in concerted not a siloed approach.

Get the e-Book (Free) --


You mean there's more?  Heck yeah - our State of the Industry Executive Summary has just been published as well -- get it HERE (also free):

Download Your Report

And one more FREE item just because I'm in a good mood. 21 Tips to Put Digital Transformation into Action.

21 Tips to Put Digital Transformation in Action

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Information Management - State of the Industry 2016 [Free Report]

Mar 31, 2016 3:14:26 PM by Sean McGauley

Maybe it was a bad idea to start a blog post after dinner, because I have one thing on my mind…ICE CREAM! Are you craving it too, now? Well, grab a bowl and read on. Trust me, this does eventually tie into Information Management.

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Guest Post from #AIIM Chair Tony Peleska

Mar 30, 2016 1:15:03 PM by Tony Peleska

Guest Post from Tony Peleska, AIIM Chair and CIO, Minnesota Housing Finance Agency

I would like to introduce myself to those who do not know me. I am Anthony Peleska, CIO of Minnesota Housing Finance Agency and Chairman of the AIIM Board of Directors. As a CIO and technology leader, I became involved with AIIM to help myself, my team and my organization understand and tackle the challenges we face with people, process, information and technology. The insight we have gained and partners we have developed through AIIM have helped us increase our profits, decrease our technology budget spending and mitigate risk at a variety of levels. Our success has fueled a passion that I want to share with others, to help them tackle the business challenges they face today through involvement with AIIM. 

By now you will have learned of the change in John Mancini's executive role -- from CEO to Advisor/Evangelist. This kind of news can be a bit disconcerting at first -- particularly given the significant contribution and commitment that John has made to this industry. I want to assure you that John is still very much involved in the strategic direction of the Association and the industry.

The Board and I have formed a transition team that has met and will continue to meet before the April board meeting. Our goal is to have a plan to discuss and review with the board at that time. As a transition team, we want to ensure a thoughtful and focused process that will help lead AIIM and the industry well into the future. In the meantime, the AIIM staff is deftly executing a solid 2016 business plan that focuses on delivering new and evolving content to help organizations with their information-intensive business processes, challenges, and applications.

This approach is paying off. Under the operational leadership of Peggy Winton, COO, we've realized some worthy accomplishments:

I look forward to seeing many of you at the AIIM16 conference in New Orleans where we are expecting 650 conference participants and 100 solution providers. Please introduce yourself to me when we pass in the breakout rooms, theaters, and solutions lounge. This is a great time to remind ourselves what it means to be a member of this vibrant AND GROWING community.

It is my intention to provide you with additional updates as needed or warranted, but the majority of future communication will come from Peggy Winton, John Mancini and the rest of the wonderful staff who are responsible for executing the strategy and running the operations of AIIM. In the meantime, I welcome your questions, comments, and suggestions for the future of this Association.

Email me

I am so proud to be a member of this industry and this community. I am grateful that you are a member too. Together, we can do great things.



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21 Tips to Put Digital Transformation in Action