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Need a Content Management Quick Fix? Here's of 19 Them!

Feb 13, 2017 10:00:00 AM by John Mancini

In case you missed some of our new short-form "Tip Sheets," here's a full list. Happy reading!

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Get a Head Start on Those New Year's Resolutions

Dec 15, 2016 12:40:45 PM by Bob Larrivee

How to Plan Your Information Management Strategy in 2017

Information management constantly adjusts and reacts to advancements in technology and attitudes. While the way we manage information has undergone a substantial transformation in the last few years, the technology that incited the changes is still growing and at a faster pace than most can keep up with.

So, what does this mean for you? How can you stay ahead rather than simply jump on the bandwagon?  To help you, AIIM’s chief analyst, Bob Larrivee, has compiled the data from five community-wide surveys and identified the game-changing trends you need to know about.

Join us on January 18 at 2pm as we outline these trends, the stats behind them, and offer strategies to approach these critical changes to the way you manage information in 2017, including: the rise in compliance and risk driving Information Management, the importance of inbound capture processes, the benefit of automated capture processes, the role of capture with content analytics. 

We’ll also hear from leading technology consultant Mark Brousseau as he shares customer use case stories to put this analysis into context. Mark and Bob will then offer best practices and recommendations for applying this knowledge within YOUR organization and help you make the case to your executives to help you succeed.

How to Plan Your Information Management Strategy in 2017

Key Areas Where Information Management is Advancing and Changing

Free Webinar -- January 18, 2 pm EST

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Some Thought-Provoking Resources on ECM and Capture

Nov 17, 2016 11:06:00 AM by Sean McGauley

This month there's been some unbelievable content floating around from both AIIM and from other thought-leaders in our space. Since there is so much, odds are you may be missing out on some great information. That's why I've taken the time to select a couple of my recent favorite resources as well as a special invitation below.

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3 Ways Document Capture is Changing

Nov 15, 2016 6:29:40 PM by John Mancini

That nice comfortable world we knew as “document capture” is changing and it’s ABOUT TIME.  Capture is becoming something much more strategic.  Here are three key changes I see.

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The Top 10 Mistakes Companies Make When Deploying a Document Scanning Solution -- And How to Avoid Them

Oct 18, 2016 5:22:15 PM by John Mancini

I recently came across this white paper, and rather liked the insights it provided in how to avoid mistakes in choosing a document scanning solution.  Here’s a quick snapshot of the 10 Mistakes contained in the white paper.  Click HERE to get a copy of the whole paper.



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Capture Needs a Makeover

Sep 20, 2016 6:04:28 PM by John Mancini

I find the auto-complete functionality in Google fascinating.

What I am referring to is when you type in a few words, and the Google algorithm predicts what you might be interested in based on your own behaviors and that of the universe at large.  It’s actually more fun if you log out of your own Google account first, to get less biased result so that you can get a true sense of what is on the mind of your fellow citizens. 

For example, if I start typing “I have a problem with” Google promptly offers this assistance:

This is a rather fun game. Try it.  Here are the results for “John Mancini.”  I am glad for the 3rd result, and also pleased to note that I have never been to Youngstown, OH.

The reason I bring this up is that the algorithm is essentially offering up words and phrases that go together, based on a huge pool of data and interactions. 

In everyday life, sometimes this is useful – it creates a shorthand that allows us to speed communication.  However, at other times – especially when terms and language are changing rapidly – it is reactive – backward looking – rather than predictive.

I think about this often as I talk with “capture” vendors and customers for “capture” products.  Because we all have used the term “capture” for so long, the phrase is almost always with automatically or implicitly expanded to be “scanning and document capture.”

Now in some ways that’s OK.  Because while traditional “capture” technologies have been around a long time, this is still a relatively immature market with lots of opportunity, especially among small and medium-sized organizations.  At AIIM, I am constantly amazed at the demand for what I would call “Document Capture 101” content.  At times it feels like I’ve fallen into a black hole and arrived back in 2002. 

"Capture" Needs a Makeover

But the term “capture” now needs a makeover to take the next step.  “Capture” – or some other descriptor -- needs to assume a much wider meaning in the disruptive world into which we are headed. 

A world in which not only documents, but all kinds of information are being captured.

A world in which all the information we capture – or have captured in the past – is put into motion and becomes a rich source of intelligence, insight, and potential customer value.

A world in which customer and process information is being captured closer and closer to the point of its creation.

A world in which the “image” being captured is the least important part of the value equation.

A world in which information capture – intelligent information capture – becomes the key enabling technology for digital transformation, and sets the stage for the machine learning revolution.


We'll be exploring some of these concepts on our webinar on October 5th, 5 Ways to Turn Your Information into Assets with Capture.  Join us.

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Information Chaos Summer Catchup - 6 Tip Sheets and 28 "Must Knows"

Aug 19, 2016 10:23:32 AM by John Mancini

Digital Transformation Roundup -- 6 Information Management Tip Sheets and 28 "Must Knows" You Don't Want to Miss

In case you missed them while taking a few days off this summer, here are a few of my most popular tip sheets and posts from the summer. Check 'em out.

7 Tips to Create MORE Information Chaos

There are lots of ways to being to attack the challenge of information chaos.  But how might you inadvertently make things worse

Download Your Tipsheet!

6 Things You Need to Know About Emerging Markets and Information Management

Among both information management users and information management solution-providers, the digital disruption that is coming drives a number of opportunities and challenges.  On the user side, organizations must extend their content and information management capabilities into new markets, and understand how those markets are different from the traditional markets they serve, and think through how those different needs translate into different content management infrastructure requirements.  Similarly, content management solution providers have focused on established markets and economies. They will now face two pressures: 1) new “home-grown” content management competitors who really understand the unique issues of their home markets; and 2) pressures from their customer base to provide the tools they need to penetrate emerging market. 

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3 Reasons Why Document Processing Should Matter to the C-Suite

Here’s the fundamental question for many organizations – When it comes to streamlined document processing, why bother? What business results can you expect if you go down this path?  Let’s take a look at intelligent document recognition and streamlined document processing through the prism of the 3 things that keep C-level executives up at night:  Cost, Compliance, and Customers.

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4 Steps to Leverage What You Already Have and Know to Improve Customer Experiences

Digital Disruption. Digital Experiences. They are on the wish list for just about every C-level executive. But where do you start? How do you move from the hype to value? A good place to start is by leveraging the capabilities you likely already have – scanning, capture, and the digital mailroom – and extending them into the core processes that you use to run your business.

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5 Faces of Information Chaos

For many years, I’ve watched people in organizations that I KNOW could benefit from content technologies politely listen to sales presentations, nod their heads and then back away from a decision.  I find this “reluctance to commit” mysterious, because most of the people that I’ve spoken with who have automated a previously paper-driven process swear by the results and wouldn’t return to life pre-content management for anything.  I’m convinced that this “reluctance to commit” is due to the fact that many on the sell-side of our industry (including AIIM at times, I’ll confess!) can’t resist talking about technology.  ECM! BPM! Taxonomies! Metadata! Capture!

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3 Questions to Ask About Content Creation

Content is a valuable corporate asset, driven by value, created by many authors, and generated from many sources. Yet content creation is often taken for granted by business organizations as something that just happens as part of the daily business routine.

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Big Data, Content Analytics, Information Capture and the Hype Curve

Preparing for the Era of Intelligent Machines

What Part of Being Blockbustered Don't You Understand?  Digital Transformation In Action


In the Toronto, NY or DC metro areas?  We've got a process improvement seminar coming up in your neighborhood!  They're FREE.

Washington DC event -- October 4 at the National Press Club


New York event-- October 6 at the Manhattan Penthouse


Toronto event -- October 13 at the Allstream Centre

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Unleash More Value from the Data You're Already Collecting [Webinar]

Aug 17, 2016 10:30:00 AM by Sean McGauley

Information is driving today’s organizations, it has become the key to better insight, seamless experiences, and improving performance overall. Many of us are gathering information every day in the form of business documents; but, how many of us are actually putting this data to work? It's time to shift your focus to utilizing this information to provide more insight and improve your processes.

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SharePoint: Get the Information You Need to Plan for the Future [Webinar]

Aug 10, 2016 10:50:11 AM by Sean McGauley

The launch of SharePoint 2016 has brought forth some new questions for you to address. Do you make the transition to SharePoint 2016? Are there new features in the latest release that can improve the way you work? Do you adjust your current set up to meet your needs?

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Big Data, Content Analytics, Information Capture and the Hype Curve

Aug 3, 2016 2:57:56 PM by John Mancini

Last year, Gartner created quite a stir by retiring the “Big Data” Hype Cycle from its popular “Hype” curve series (see Why Gartner Moved Big Data Off the Hype Curve).

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