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John Mancini, president and CEO of AIIM, is an author, speaker, and respected leader of the AIIM global community of information professionals. He is a catalyst in social, mobile, cloud, and big data technology adoption and an advocate for the new generation of experts who are driving the future of information management. John predicts that the next three years will generate more change in the way we deploy enterprise technologies and whom we trust with this task than in the previous two decades. His passion about the evolution of information workers into information analysts spurred John to establish the Certified Information Professional (CIP) program to enable anyone, anywhere to benchmark and develop new and strategic skills. His commitment to education includes the continual development of leading-edge training and publishing of ongoing industry research to help guide new thinking. As a frequent keynote speaker, John offers his expertise on the transformational challenges and opportunities facing information professionals and attracts over 100,000 visitors annually to his blog Digital Landfill. He has published six e-book titles including “#OccupyIT — A Technology Manifesto for Cloud, Mobile and Social Era” and the popular “8 Things You Need to Know About” e-book series. He has a Klout score in the high 60s, is ranked #5 in online SharePoint influence by and #42 in the KnowledgeLake SharePoint Influencer50. John can be found on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook as jmancini77.
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Digital Darwinism – Three Transformational Tactics to Consider

Aug 27, 2018 11:00:00 AM by John Mancini

Digital transformation can mean different things to different organizations. For some, it might mean simply getting rid of paper. But in these competitive times organizations need to look further.

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Topics: digitization, intelligent capture, parascript, digital transformation,

Preview - 5 Things You Need to Know About Information Overload and Automating Governance

Aug 10, 2018 1:32:24 PM by John Mancini

As a preview to our upcoming multi-client market research report on the emerging intersection between information governance & security and analytics & machine learning, we asked 50 senior executives and decision-makers for their perspectives on five of the questions we’ll be asking in our research (just a snapshot of the 20+ questions we’ll be asking in the actual survey).

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Topics: information governance, information security, compliance, automation

[Podcast] What can certification do for my career? A Look at the CIP Program

Jul 3, 2018 11:20:00 AM by John Mancini

Digital disruption calls for digital leaders with the skills and experience to optimize information assets and transform business. The AIIM Certified Information Professional (CIP) designation has come to represent a badge of competency and knowledge for those entrusted with the task of building an information strategy.

But, what do our CIPs say about the certification? How has it helped their work and impacted their career?

On this podcast episode, Kevin sits down with three Certified Information Professionals to talk about about the certification, the benefits, the process, and their advice for those considering the CIP.

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Topics: intelligent information management, podcast, cip, certified information professionals, certified information professional, information certification, certification

5 automation issues that every organization needs to answer about information chaos

Jan 2, 2018 9:54:15 AM by John Mancini

Ultimately, AIIM believes Digital Transformation is more than conventional change. Digital Transformation is about using information in brand new ways. Digital Transformation success or failure fundamentally rests upon radically redefined experiences with customers, employees, and partners.

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Topics: kodak alaris, automation, digital processes, content

15 Top AIIM eBooks and White Papers in 2017

Jan 1, 2018 5:28:16 PM by John Mancini

Here are your Top AIIM White Papers from 2017!

The votes are in...and here are the most popular AIIM eBooks and white papers and Tip Sheets from 2017. Enjoy.

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Topics: ecm, content management, cloud content management, information governance

15 Top Digital Landfill Posts for 2017

Jan 1, 2018 11:06:20 AM by John Mancini

Here are your Top Digital Landfill Posts from 2017!

The votes are in...and here are the most popular posts from 2017. Enjoy.

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Topics: ecm, content management, cloud content management, information governance

31 Letters to Santa from ECM Users

Dec 20, 2017 10:46:00 AM by John Mancini

We Want Simplicity, Commitment, Strategy, and Solutions

This time of year, if you start a Google search with the words “funny letters,” Google will immediately complete the phrase with “funny letters to Santa.”

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Topics: ecm, content management, cloud content management, information governance

6 Reasons Digital Preservation Needs to be Part of Your Intelligent Information Strategy

Dec 18, 2017 10:00:00 AM by John Mancini

According to IDC, the digital universe is doubling every two years, and will reach 40,000 exabytes (40 trillion gigabytes) by 2020. (Note: A single exabyte of storage can contain 50,000 years’ worth of DVD-quality video.) Organizations that fail to immediately address the long-term preservation implications of this massive tsunami of data as it enters the organization will never ever catch up.

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Topics: digital preservation, electronic records management, Compliance and records management, information governance, preservica

5 Questions to Ask About Your Social Media Records as Legal Evidence 

Dec 11, 2017 10:00:00 AM by John Mancini

It's an embarrassing question to ask most organizations, but does your social media presence reflect the reality that the responsibility of business documentation doesn’t go away just because the information is on social media?

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Topics: social meda, electronic records management, compliance

A Head Scratcher - Solving the Productivity Riddle

Nov 30, 2017 10:00:00 AM by John Mancini

I came across a chart recently that left me scratching my head.

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Topics: rhinodox, productivity, semantic

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